About Us

With more than 10 years in the Merchant Services industry, I have developed a network of merchant service relationships numbering over 600 clients throughout the United States. As a service-orientated partner with all of my merchants, I have a vested interest in their success and am constantly focused on maintaining their satisfaction. (How many other business owners in this industry will give you their personal phone number?)


In 2000 I was working as an employee of a merchant services organization that was at the time the second largest in the world. Over time, however, I realized that I was limited to providing only the services that this particular company offered. I discovered that there were many other superior electronic processing products and Internet gateways available in the market and I could not offer them to my existing merchants. Every day my concern was that my merchants were not receiving the best possible service from me because I had no access to the full range of products and services available.


Being frustrated at these limitations, I decided to look for new opportunities. I discovered that there were even more products and solutions than I had previously thought. The key discovery, though, was the realization that I could work with merchants as a smaller, more streamlined company, eliminate the compensation that went to several levels of management and shareholders, and provide these services for less than what I had been charging, AND provide even better service.


And with that, First Choice MSI was born.


10 years later, I provide a wide range of services for merchants throughout the United States, including Georgia, Connecticut, Tennessee, Arizona, and Florida and more! Regardless of where you are within the US, First Choice MSI can provide you with exceptional Merchant Services. My clients come from all types of industries and are made of both small and large businesses, from local dry cleaners to restaurant chains to large auto dealerships. Best of all, my clients will tell you that they receive service from me that is second to none, at rates that are affordable and competitive. Available upon request is a full list of testimonials.