Employment Change

Recent data suggest the employment outlook across major U.S. industrial sectors is positive. That’s right. Positive. Early forecasts indicate stability in certain sectors and renewed interest in others set to rebound as the economy strengthens. Shifting employer confidence levels reflected in hiring activity is a key indicator of economic health. For merchant level salespeople and ISOs, upward trending segments can signal new opportunities. An ADP National Employment Report indicated seasonally adjusted private-sector month-to-month employment grew by 297,000 in December 2010, with the service sector adding 270,000 new jobs, the largest monthly gain in the report’s history.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics Jan. 7, 2011, report showed nonfarm employment, including public sector jobs, also grew by 103,000 in December, with the largest increases occurring in leisure and hospitality and health care. Positive projections In the Manpower Employment Outlook Survey, United States, Q1/2011, over 18,000 randomly selected employers were asked, How do you anticipate total employment at your location to change in the three months from Jan. 1 to the end of March 2011 as compared with the current quarter? (The current quarter was the fourth quarter 2010.) “The first quarter survey results reflect the strongest hiring expectations since the fourth quarter of 2008,” said Melanie Holmes, Vice President Community Investment for Manpower Inc., which has published employment outlook surveys since 1962.